Team Evaluations

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The PWAM Team Evaluation is a practical skills test for prospective therapy teams. A certified evaluator will lead the prospective team through a series of scenarios to determine the team's readiness for conducting therapy visits. The skills teams are evaluated on are listed below.


You must have completed the following:


  • Attention to Instructions

  • Management in Crowd/ Unpredictable Situation

  • Initial Meeting

  • Accepting a Stranger/ Accepting Petting

  • Appearance and Grooming

  • Walking a Hospital Hallway (or "Out for a Walk")

  • Walking Through a Crowd

  • Reaction to Distractions

  • Sit on Cue

  • Down on Cue

  • Stay in Place

  • Come When Called

  • Meet Another Team (with dog)

  • Overall Exam

  • Exuberant and Clumsy Petting

  • Restraining Hug

  • Role Play with Wheelchair

  • Angry Yelling

  • Role Play with Walker

  • Crowd and Petting by Several People

  • Leave It

  • Offering a Treat

  • Stay With a Stranger


The cost for the evaluation is $25 payable by check on the day of the evaluation. You will also need to bring $60 for your ITA license fee, and $100 for your two year PWAM Membership. If you do not pass, your license and PWAM Membership will be returned to you.

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Register by emailing Please be sure to include your name, email address, telephone number and the date you want to evaluate.