Request Visits

We LOVE to do visits! We're all about sharing our dogs to make people happy; that's what we do. However, it would be rude of us to show up uninvited. We need a "sponsor" (i.e. contact person) to request the visit (see the steps below), and to help coordinate the visit logistics. We can schedule one-time "Special Events" or recurring visits.

There are two important things to keep in mind: First, we're an all volunteer organization, so our ability to participate is limited by teams' availability. Second, our teams generally conduct visits in and around Montgomery County. Please email us, and we will see how we can help.

PWAM team

Request a Special Event

We enjoy doing Special Events, and try to participate as much as possible. However, we are limited to team availability so please allow us as much lead time as possible.

To request an event, email us at Please write "PWAM Special Event" in the subject line, and be sure to include the following information:

  • Date of the Event

  • Type of Event

  • Event Goal

  • Start and End times for the Event

  • Approximate Number of Attendees

  • Event Address

  • Contact person name, email, and telephone number

A member of our organization will contact you within a week to gather any additional details (if needed), and discuss anything else you may need to know. We do our best to fulfill every special event request. Please plan ahead and make requests at least a month in advance.

Senior citizens with PWAM therapy dog

Request to Add a Facility

We truly believe in the human-animal bond, and love to share this experience on a regularly scheduled basis. We are limited as to our teams availability and locations. Currently we have clients north of Louetta, east of SH249, west of I-45, and south of SH105. When we commit to serving a facility, we want to ensure we can thoroughly support it; meaning we have enough teams who will commit to the client on a regular basis. If we cannot accommodate your facility, we will keep your information on file so that when we have enough teams or have expended into your area, we will contact you.

If you are interested in adding your facility, emails us at . In the email, write "Add a Facility" in the subject line and include:

  • Facility Name

  • Facility Address (street, city, state and zip code)

  • Contact name, telephone number and email address

  • What you would classify your facility as school, hospital, library, senior center, or specialty/other

  • Organization website, if you have one

  • How did you hear about us