First Time Registration

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All PWAM handler/dog teams are registered through Intermountain Therapy Animals (ITA). As such, there are training requirements that all teams must meet.


  • Your dog must know basic obedience such as sit, stay, down, come when called, leave it, walk on a loose leash, not jump on people, and be potty trained.

  • Your dog must be at least 11 months old.

  • You must be 18 or over. Youth 13-17 may be accepted to the program, but they must accompanied by a parent who is also registered as a therapy team.


The process is straight forward and painless:

  1. Email us at for information and to sign up for a Mock Drill. The Mock Drill serves as both an orientation to PWAM and a practice session for the PWAM Evaluation. Check the Calendar for upcoming Mock Drills.

  2. Attend a Mock Drill. This is a chance for you and your dog to see what we do. You can progress to the next steps once your team scores a "Ready" or "Ready with work" rating. (more...)

  3. Read the ITA Therapy Team Training Manual. Click for additional information, and to purchase the manual.

  4. Attend an ITA Workshop. The workshop covers: facility visits, patient confidentiality, interacting with people, "what if" scenarios, and PWAM procedures. Click for additional information. Check the Calendar for upcoming workshops.

  5. Successfully complete the "PWAM Therapy Animal Handler Evaluation" practical exam. (more...)

  6. Participate in the PWAM New Member Orientation. WELCOME new member! You'll learn more about PWAM policies and procedures. You will also get to pick the clients you will visit! (more...)

  7. Shadow at the facilities where you would like to volunteer. You get the opportunity to accompany teams to the facilities were you'd like to volunteer. This give you a chance familiarize yourself with the facility and learn their procedures.

Now you start making your visits on your own!


There are costs for joining such as membership dues, manuals and evaluation fees. See each discipline for specifics.

Sign up

Sign ups are typically done by sending an email to See the page for the specific activity for details.