Mock Drills

The Mock Drill (sometimes called a Pet Therapy Try-It Session) serves as an initial orientation to PWAM, and a chance for you and your dog to practice the skills necessary for the Team Evaluation. During the Mock Drill, we will explain the registration process, and you will practice the required skills with your dog.  After you have completed a Mock Drill, you will receive a "Ready", "Ready with Work", or "Not Ready".  You must receive a "Ready" or "Ready with Work" before you will be allowed to Evaluate.


Your dog must:

Mock Drill Exercises


Our Mock Drills are complimentary; you can attend as many as you like.  In fact, we encourage our renewing teams to practice before they test/evaluate. 

Sign up

To sign up for a Mock Drill, send an email with the words "Mock Drill" in the subject line, along with your name, your dogs name, age and breed, your email address, telephone number and the date of the mock drill to