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We visit patients and staff in client hospitals who request a visit with our pet therapy dogs. These visits often take a patient’s mind off their medical problems which can be rejuvenating and healing in nature. Our dogs offer unconditional love and affection to those who need it and often fill a void that exists while hospitalized. Many times, we may be a patient’s only visitor which can reduce their loneliness. They will often reminisce about their own pets they’ve either had or currently miss.

We work with physical and occupational therapists to aid in range of motion and movement of patients who are recuperating from surgery, stroke or other injuries. Patients often forget their pain when working with our dogs and feel a sense of achievement. Working with a dog gives the patients an incentive to move around, which helps with their recovery. As one patient stated, "There are all kinds of therapy here, but pet therapy is my favorite!"

When visiting a hospital, we not only comfort patients but also family members and caregivers. Medical staff will bond with our therapy dogs through repeated visits. A few minutes of petting and hugging can provide much needed relief for an otherwise demanding and difficult day for staff.

During all visits we emphasize cleanliness and a rigid privacy adherence to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA).

Hospital patient with PWAM therapy dog